Technology of special processing

EB :Hybrid composite regin


EB is a resin developed as an alternative material for iron. It contains glass fibers and the like. The stronger than conventional plastics, and it is lighter than iron.

Spin welding

To mold the large bobbin will require a very large mold and large equipment.
Therefore, Tokuden is molded in half bobbin, by welding with frictional heat generated by rotating at the central portion having the same strength integral of the bobbin was established techniques which can be produced with a small mold and machine.
In addition, bobbin of this method because not use bolts or the like, recycling is also an easy to be milled directly.

Cutting process

If the customer requests the dimensional accuracy of the bobbin, it will cutting the surface of the bobbin.
Tokuden is possible to carry out the cutting using the front NC lathe.


Application of the bobbin design technology

Tokuden is possible to propose to the combined in a wide range of customer needs up to big things from small things.
In addition, agnostic only to bobbin, also proposed other than the bobbin.
Tokuden, there is a design department, mold department and molding department and sales department, etc., we can be a consistent proposal to sales from the bobbin design.
Due to the integrated production, trial production of the new mold, also maintenance of the mold easily.

Mold design and production

A flow of a mold design and the production

A flow of a mold design and the production

1. Design the mold based on a product drawing.
2. Produce a die.
3. Trial molding.
4. Adjustment of the mold.
5. Mass production
6. Maintenance at the mass production stage

Tokuden carried out mold design and production, all to maintenance of the mold after mass production molding. Because molding plant and mold factory is adjacent, when a problem in the mold occurs at the time of mass production, it is possible to carry out an immediate repair.


Injection molding

In the molding department, we have been manufacturing plastic bobbin with 20 units of injection molding machines.
Mold clamping force was used 850t large molding machines from 180t, from small lightweight bobbin to large special bobbin, we conducted the molding of a wide range of bobbin.
Tokuden it has been manufacturing plastic bobbin as PP, PS and ABS mainly of the material.
The customer’s request, to make a bobbin by using a material such as PA, PE, PC.
In addition, the customer requests, Tokuden have also molded products other than bobbin.
For technical improvement, Tokuden have to focus on molding technology learning. As of 2016  level-one certified technician:2psn, level-2 certified technician:9psn, level-3 certified technician:5psn.


Finishing process

Finishing division carries out secondary processing of plastic products.

1. Ultrasonic welding

Welding of the cap, such as P-type bobbin · PL type bobbin · PT-type bobbin.
It can be welded in a short period of time.
Does not occur nasty smell.
It is independent of the dielectric constant of the material.
It can moldings welding of complex shapes.

2. Solvent adhesion

Using methyl ethyl ketone (following MEK).
It uses the product of PS and ABS.
Use the dope cement (which the PS or ABS was dissolved in MEK) in adhesion of a large bobbin. There is also be used for containing a plastic glass fibers.

3. Spin welding

Tokuden we are using the original spin welding machine. Used for welding of TSB type bobbin(ESBrit material or ABS material) and TSF type bobbin (low foaming molded article using the PP material).

4. Assembly bobbin

Each part is assembled in such as bolts or screws, and then the bobbin-shaped.

5. Printing

Molded product to print company name or the like is to use a special ink and screen.

6. Polished finish

mb-250×187-45.png” style=”float: right;”>The remaining burrs or extra solvent of bobbin using a compact rotary machine to finish using knife and industrial pad.

Quality assurance

1.New materials adopted examination (Standard)

When adopting the new material, carried out to tensile-test and falling weight test at inhouse tester (tensile tester and a falling weight tester) by test-piece(preparation by ourselves) and we can adopted when test result was reference value or more.


2.New materials adopted examination (Special test)

If compression test, if it takes bending elasticity test, the material analysis test and the like is carried out at the outside of the Industrial Research Institute.